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Broccoli is a cool season vegetable and so the price varies throughout the year, with the best prices usually being available in the spring and the fall from local markets. It can be advantageous to buy in quantities when a good price is found and freeze the extra to use at other times of the year.

Prepare a brine of 1 cup salt to 1 gallon of cold water. Stir until salt has dissolved.

Select tender stalks of broccoli with dark green or green-purple heads (not yellow or light). Wash and strip off leaves, using a sharp knife to peel the outer stem upwards from the bottom or scrape some of the tough outer portion off with a vegetable peeler. The toughest portion of the bottom of the stalk may be discarded (as is done with broccoli which is sold as "crowns"), if desired.

Separate heads into desired size by cutting lengthwise, down through the stalk. Immerse broccoli in cold bring for 30 minutes. Rinse and drain.

Scald medium sized portions in boiling water for 3 minutes, and large sections for 4 minutes. Dunk in ice water immediately. When cool, pack in a freezer bag or plastic container and freeze.

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