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For convenience, use boxed cake mix and store bought icing, but if you've got the time and patience, you can prepare your own buttercream frosting, royal icing, fondant and any type of yellow cake from scratch. You can purchase fondant in premixed colors, or purchase white and tint your own using food colorings.

1 box cake mix or home made cake recipe
2 tubs white buttercream icing
1 dozen Whopper Easter Eggs
1 pkg Wilton's pastel fondant
1 recipe royal icing
2 brown jelly beans (eyes)
1 pink jelly bean (nose)
disposable pastry piping bag and star tip
green, yellow, red, pink food coloring (optional)

First, bake the cake in a loaf pan. Allow the cake to cool. It's easier to work with if you make it the day before, but the cake may also be baked several hours in advance.

When the cake has fully cooled, slice a 3-inch portion off the front at an angle as shown. Next, using a serrated knife, begin carving off the edges of the loaf into a rounded shape.

Slice off two of the corners and save them for the ears. Carve a V shaped groove 3 inches behind the sloped front to form the back of the bunny's head and neck. Carve off the square edges all around until you have a shape similar to the one pictured.

Place two sheets of wax paper under the bunny, overlapping in the center, where you will be serving from, such as on a cake stand. The wax paper will keep the cake stand clean while the bunny is being decorated.

Next, using a spatula, cover the bunny with the buttercream frosting. Save some frosting for the ears, and cover them too. You may need to cover the bunny with more frosting in spots where the cake shows through. This can be done more easily after the frosting air dries a bit. Cover the ears with frosting, front, back and underneath. Insert 2 wooden toothpicks into each ear and stick the ears, with the toothpicks into the bunny's head to hold them in place. You may add a few more toothpicks, if needed from the outside. Touch up the ears with more frosting once they are attached. After frosting, place the brown and pink jelly beans to form the eyes and nose.

Color the royal frosting with green food coloring the color of grass; a pastel green is best, so use just a few drops. Mix well.

Fit a pastry bag with a coupler and star tip. Fill the pastry bag with the green royal icing. Pipe a zigzag line to resemble grass (like waves) around the bottom of the bunny. (You may alternatively use green frosting from a piping can for the grass).

Form flowers using the fondant, tinting them shades of yellow, pink, etc. You can use pre-tinted and ready to roll fondant. Use small flower shaped cookie cutters, fondant cutters, or simply shape the fondant as you would clay or play dough. Let the flowers dry for an hour or so (or make them a day ahead). Arrange the flowers around the base of the bunny.

Alternatively, purchase a bunch of real (edible) flowers or pre-made icing flowers and arrange them around on the grass colored frosting around the bunny. You can sometimes find edible flowers in the fresh foods section of your supermarket. Icing flowers and ready-to-use fondant can be purchased in craft stores.

In the picture, some of the fondant flowers were formed around malted milk ball Easter eggs, but chocolate eggs may be used instead. Arrange Easter eggs of your choice in between the flowers.

Happy Easter!

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