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2 kilogramm pork neck (without bones) (15 oz.)
Salt and pepper
250 gramm pork ground beef or slices of smoked meat slices (1 c. and 2 tsp.)
Onion cubes
1 string

The pork neck should be 2 or 3 centimeters thick. Spread salt and pepper on that pork slice; spread the grounded beef on it; put onion cubes onto the beef or smoked meat slices and spread mustard on it. Then roll the whole slice to a roll and tie it together with a string that you can use with foods. The tied up roll should look like the one in the picture with the exception that the cross- cut yours containers a layer with grounded beef, onions and mustard. Put you "Kaseler Rollbraten" into a frying pot.

Frying time: 1 hour.

Frying heat: 200 degrees Celsius

Special advice of Regina: After 30 minutes of frying use the evaporated frying juice and pour it over the "Kaseler Rollbraten". So it will not loose too much moisture.

250 ml water (1 c.)
125 ml wine
Salt and pepper

When your Kaseler Rollbraten is ready, then do this: Take apart the grill juice and add 250 ml water to it; boil this shortly and add 125 ml of white wine. Make it spicy to your own preferred taste with salt and pepper. That is it.
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